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UK SEUNG Europe GmbH is responsible for the sales and marketing to the European Union for the products of UK SEUNG Chemical.

Our offer comprises classical azoic pigments for the ink and coating industry and a complete range of daylight fluorescent pigments for a multitude and various range of application.

In particular, we focus on the purity of our pigments and a transparent and detailed documentation of all analytic values: Our products for packaging inks for example highlight strongly reduced levels of impurities such as primary aromatic amines, far below the regulatory requirements. In particular, we have developed for tissue inks a specific Pigment Yellow 13 featuring a free amine content of below 10 ppm.

Within our daylight fluorescent pigment range as well, we have launched a formaldehyde-free series of products for plastic application compliant with the EN71-3 standard. For water-borne systems, we have developed a formaldehyde-free series of fluorescent pigments.
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