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UK SEUNG Europe Gmbh (speak: UKSONG) is the European subsidiary of UK SEUNG Chemical Co. Ltd, the market leader for pigments in South Korea.

Based in Busan, the dynamic seaport, second largest Korean metropolis with more than 4 Million people, UK SEUNG Chemical Co. Ltd. is manufacturing a large number of organic, inorganic and daylight fluorescent pigments, as well as specific pigment preparations for a broad range of applications.

Bringing the Korean expertise and skills matching the requirements of the European market, bridging over from a logistical standpoint the geographical distance, being a competent, reliable and competitive, alternative supplier and achieving the satisfaction of our customers, those are the tasks and targets to UK SEUNG Europe GmbH.
September 18th, 2008, in Schoellkrippen, a small city of northern Bavaria located on the brink of the Spessart forest, the founding contract is signed.

UK SEUNG Europe GmbH is responsible for the sales and marketing to the European Union for the products of UK SEUNG Chemical.

Our challenge: finding the appropriate logistical set-up to bridge over the long distance to the Korean production unit to achieve a lead time in the supply chain, complying with the market standard.

Regulatory requirements are increasing drastically, thus it is essential to document for every product concerned respectively every production batch, a consistent and transparent analytical report.

UK SEUNG Europe GmbH is also the Only Representative, according to the REACH regulation of UK SEUNG Chemical and takes care as legal and responsible entity of all REACH referring issues.

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